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Tony Mannella's 1968 Road Runner

Here are pictures of  Tony's 68 Roadrunner during the restoration stages and as a finished project. Tony is still researching this cars history, but what he knows so far is that it was ordered and purchased at "Oakland East Bay Dodge, Inc." the young man that bought it had it for a few months then was drafted and sent to Vietnam and never returned home. His father kept the car at his house till he decided to sell it many years later.(I am still working on obtaining the actual dates of that) The original mileage on this all numbers matching 4 speed car when sold and confirmed by the father was 2091. And that is what it was when Tony purchased it. The car was semi-covered outside the fathers house, and did need a restoration as you will see from the pictures. The car was brought back to build sheet specs with the exception of added power disc front brakes and power steering,  and minor upgrades to the engine. But ALL the ORIGINAL parts are locked away. Interior dash and all components and door panels and seat belts are all the original. It was ordered with a very unusual color combination, as you will see from the pictures below. Also ordered with magnum 500 wheels with red line tires, Decor package, &  am/ 8 track 5 speaker- reverb system.

Ron Kane's 1967 Barracuda

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